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Buy Vermox OnlineBuy Vermox Online – The drug Vermox is prescribed by doctors around the world to those who face the problem of parasites in the body. It is produced by the Italian pharmaceutical company Janssen Сilag.

Vermox is a special anthelmintic drug that can kill the worm and its larvae and then remove them in the safest way. Within a couple of days after taking the drug, all helminths die and then are excreted from the intestines along with the masses of feces.

It is prescribed not only to eliminate worms that were found as a result of examinations and tests, but also as a preventive method for adults and children.

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The principle of action of the drug Vermox 100mg

The main active ingredient of Vermox, mebendazole, disrupts glucose utilization and ATP synthesis in parasites, suspending their metabolic processes, reproduction and vital activity.

Gradually, the vital activity of the parasites weakens. They stop feeding and die as a result. After taking the Vermox tablet, all the larvae and worms go out with feces for 2-4 days.

Indications for use

The drug is not absorbed into the blood by 90%, acting mainly in the digestive tract, where mebendazole kills parasites with the greatest efficiency.

Vermox perfectly helps with:

  • ascariasis caused by roundworm and hookworm;
  • teniasis caused by pork tapeworm;
  • trichocephalosis, when infection with worms such as whipworm has occurred;
  • worm infection caused by hookworm parasites;
  • mixed helminthiasis, when several types of helminths are present.

Parasitic microorganisms can reach enormous lengths if you do not pay attention to the symptoms of the disease and do not treat the pathology on time. They provoke acute intoxication of the body, allergies, acute anemia, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, gallbladder, and can even settle in the heart and brain in people of all years of age.
Vermox kills most of the existing types of parasites. It is prescribed when there are clear signs of the disease and the diagnosis is confirmed by the health professional:

  • drastic weight loss;
  • frequent diarrhea or constipation;
  • abdominal pain;
  • stagnation of bile;
  • increased gas production;
  • allergic skin reactions;
  • unsatisfactory medical condition associated with irritability and fatigue;
  • anemia.

Dosage regimen of the drug

The tablets are taken orally with a little water. They can be chewed or swallowed whole. For young children, crush the tablet before use.During treatment, taking laxatives or adhering to a special diet is not required.

Before using the drug, it is recommended to agree on the dosage with your doctor or pharmacist.Standard dosages are:

  • with enterobiasis – asingle dose of 100 mg. It is recommended to carry out simultaneous treatment of all family members.
  • with echinococcosis – buy Vermox and take 500 mg 2 timesin the first 3 days. In the next 3 days, the dose is increased to 500 mg 3 times. Then the dose is increased to 1000-1500 mg 3 times.
  • with trichinosis – buy mebendazole and take it 200-300 mg 3 timeson the 1st day. On the 2nd day, take 200-300 mg 4 times, and from 3 to 14 days – 500 mg 3 times a day.
  • with ascariasis, trichocephalosis, ankylostomiasis, noncatorosis and mixed helminthiasis – 200 mg a day (1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening); the course of treatment is 3 days.

Contraindications for use

Please note, that not all products from worms can be good for you. Vermox should not be taken in the following cases:

  • hypersensitivity to mebendazole and other components of the drug;
  • ulcerative colitis;
  • Crohn’s disease;
  • liver failure;
  • children under 3 years of age (for this dosage form);
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period (breastfeeding);
  • lactose intolerance, lactase deficiency, glucose-galactose malabsorption.

Vermox side effects

At the recommended doses, mebendazole usually does not cause any complaints.Common side effects can be presented by abdominal pain and diarrhea in the case of massive helminth infestation.

Vermox advantages

The main advantages of the drug are:

  • Availability – you can buy Vermox online and start applying as quickly as possible.
  • Safety – the drug practically does not cause side effects.
  • Effectiveness – Vermox can kill the eggs and the worms of almost all known forms.

Buy Vermox Online

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